HEART 2014 Design contest

HEART 2014 Design Contest: Blokus Duo



Following the successful FPGA design competition in ICFPT 2013, we're planning another Blokus Duo design contest in HEART 2014. It'll be basically same to the ICFPT 2013 design competition, but we expect several changes in the regulation, along the scope of HEART symposium.

Blokus Duo is a two-player game played on a square, 14x14 grid board. Each player has 21 different-shaped game tiles. Each new piece played must be placed to contact at least one piece of the same color with their corner-to-corner. Edge-to-edge contact is only allowed to the other color.

FPGA contest + other devices

In HEART 2014, we'll have a design contest on Blokus Duo. Besides the FPGA-to-FPGA matches, we'll have a "heterogeneous" exhibition matches, such as FPGA-to-GPGPU, because HEART is about "highly-efficient Accelerators."

There are 2 categories in HEART 2014 design contest entry:

Every contest design (boards or computers) must be on site and connected to the host PC via RS-232C. The pre-finals will be competed within each category, then the best designs will go to the final exhibition matches.


Team Institution BoardStrategy, tool etc.
HDL Designs
TNTTokyo Institute of Tech.Digilent AtlysMin-max based search / PlanAhead
Blokus Duo Solver IShizuoka Univ.Altera ArriaII GX Dev. kitAlpha-Beta
Sakura-DuoNagasaki Univ.Terasic DE2-115Monte-Carlo tree search / stream
HarekusOkayama Univ.Terasic DE2-115Alpha-Beta
PonkotsuTohoku Institute of Tech.Terasic DE2-115Monte-Carlo w/NIOS
RS BlokusNagasaki Univ.Terasic DE2-115Alpha-Beta
Kuma 2 DuoKumamoto Univ.Digilent Nexys4Alpha-Beta + Heuristic
SATSUMAKagoshima Univ.Terasic DE2-115Monte-Carlo tree search
RADC*Hiroshima City Univ.Digilent Nexys4Alpha-Beta
Y-StyleKochi Univ. of Tech.Terasic DE2-115HDL Design
HLS Designs
Mt.CapeRitsumeikan Univ.Terasic DE2-115Alpha-Beta / Impulse C
BLUE STORMRitsumeikan Univ.Digilent Nexys4Minmax-based search / Impulse C
Cry-WolfKeio Univ.Digilent Nexys4Alpha-Beta / CWB
KRABKitakyushu City Univ.Terasic DE2-115Zone concept: alpha-beta based
TEAM ERTLNagoya Univ.Terasic DE2-115Depth-first search / CWB
PulseRRitsumeikan Univ.Digilent Nexys4Greedy simulation / Impulse C
Unlimited Category
Blokus Duo Solver IIShizuoka Univ.Altera Stratix V Dev. kitExtended version of Blokus Duo Solver I
Suki!Suki!Skip!HKT48!!!Kagoshima Univ.Xilinx VC707Monte-Carlo Tree Search with Machine Learning
Healthy NinjaKeio Univ.Geforce GTX780TiMonte-Carlo

*: RADC=Recofigurable Application Diffusion Committee


Finals & Exhibition

Finals Exhibition
1Blokus Duo Solver I Blokus Duo Solver I
2Kuma 2 Duo Blokus Duo Solver II
3RADC* Suki!Suki!Skip! HKT48!!!
4BLUE STORM Kuma 2 Duo
5Mt. Cape Healty Ninja


A LeagueB LeagueC League
1Blokus Duo Solver I RADC* Kuma 2 Duo
2Mt. Cape BLUE STORM Cry-Wolf
3RS Blokus Sakura-Duo Y-Style
4KRAB Harekus Ponkotsu

Game logs (zip 200kB) are available!


Contest committees