HEART 2014 Design contest

HEART 2014 Design Contest: Final checkist

Every team are required to pass the checklist below to participate the contest in Sendai. The committee strongly recommend all teams to perform the test before departing to Sendai.

Connetivity test

Setting up the contest host

  1. Prepare a USB memory stick (2GB+, but 4GB is recommended.)
  2. Download and unzip the contest host USB memory stick image.
  3. Write the image to your USB memory stick. For example:
    • FreeBSD: dd if=blokus-XXXX.img of=/dev/daX bs=10240
    • Linux: dd if=blokus-XXXX.img of=/dev/sdX bs=10240
  4. Boot from the USB memory stick. FreeBSD 9.2 will start, then xterm will appear if possible. If X11 fails to start, try login as "blokus" with password "blokus".
  5. Connect your FPGA board to the USB connector. "/dev/cuaU*" will appear when your USB-UART adapter has detected. Then, proceed to the "minimum strength & protocol test" below.

Minimum strength & protocol test

To check design quality and protocol conformance, please do the following test with your FPGA board.

% ./blokus-host -a 1 -1
% ./blokus-host -a 1 -1 -r
% ./blokus-host -a 1 -2
% ./blokus-host -a 1 -2 -r

With these options above, your FPGA design will play Blokus Duo with a simple software player. Please make sure that YOUR FPGA DESIGN WINS ALL 4 GAMES. If your design loses during the same test in Kyoto, you can't participate the competition.

Hardware checklist