ICFPT 2013 Design Competition

ICFPT 2013 Blokus Duo Competition: Tools & Boards

Tools: the test & host program

Test & host program is available. (Download Nov.27 version)


Command line options:

To interrupt this program in interactive mode, press Ctrl+D (not Ctrl+C). This will transmit "9" to the serial port to make the game over.

The Web interface: blokus-httpd

May.01 version of the Test & Host program contains "blokus-httpd.c", which is an Web-based viewer of blokus-host. To use it, simply launch as:

./blokus-host | ./blokus-httpd

Then connect http://localhost:11000/ on your browser and start the game as on the console, serial or TCP.

To use blokus-httpd, do not give "hint options" to blokus-host. Any other options about game modes and communication are allowed.

Known issues / restrictions

Revision history




The following list gives approved FPGA boards. Boards with smaller FPGAs and external RAM capacities are also allowed to get involved.

The boards will communicate with the host via D-sub 9pin RS-232C interface. Also, FTDI's USB-UART controller chips (such as on Digilent boards) are allowed in the competition.

Other FPGA Boards

Participating with other FPGA boards is also allowed if:

Note: To participate with boards with hard IP microprocessor core or 256MB+ memory, a part of the design source code (where the memory capacity is explicitly limited, for example, by tying down several address lines) MUST be sent to the competition chair. The submission of source code is only for regulation compliance check, and will not be disclosed. For simpleness of the compliance check, please send ONLY the modules that limits memory capacity.

List of approved FPGAs

FPGAs in the following list and smaller devices in the lines are approved in the 2013 competition.