ICFPT 2013 Design Competition

ICFPT 2013 Design Competition: Blokus Duo



Following on the successful Connect6 competitions, we'll compete against each other at a game called Blokus Duo with our FPGA implementations, at ICFPT 2013.

Blokus Duo is a two-player game played on a square, 14x14 grid board. Each player has 21 different-shaped game tiles. Each new piece played must be placed to contact at least one piece of the same color with their corner-to-corner. Edge-to-edge contact is only allowed to the other color.


The competition has finished successfully. Thanks to all competitors and audience. Replay movies will be on this website, soon.

The Competitors

Final standings

8 best teams from 21 teams in the pre-finals:

List of All Competitors

TeamInstitutionCodeDesign Entry
Mt.Capefc.ritsumei.ac.jpYAImpulse C + Verilog HDL / Impulse + Altera Quartus II
Chesterntu.edu.twCHVerilog HDL / Altera Quartus II
K.R.A.B.kitakyu-u.ac.jpKRImpulse C
FANTEK (withdrawn)kiau.ac.irFAVerilog HDL / ?
LegUp High-Level Synthesistoronto.eduLUC / LegUp HLS
Pearsutsuomiya-u.ac.jpPEImpulse C
TNT (withdrawn)titech.ac.jpTNVerilog HDL / Xilinx ISE
Clemson (no show)clemson.eduCLImpulse C + Verilog HDL / Impulse C + Altera Quartus II
Liquid Metalibm.comLMLime / Liquid Meta + Xilinx ISE
ERTLertl.jpERC + VHDL / eXCite + Altera Quartus II
TUC-Blokus (no show)tuc.grTU
i-comanaist.jpICVerilog HDL / Altera Quartus II
A.B.C.tohoku.ac.jpTPVerilog HDL / Altera Quartus II
R-BULLETritsumei.ac.jpRBImpulse C / Altera Quartus II
Pulse-R B2ritsumei.ac.jpPRImpulse C / Altera Quartus II
FPGA Blokus Duo Solvershizuoka.ac.jpBDVHDL / Altera Quartus II
Block Boilertohtech.ac.jpTSVerilog HDL / Altra Quartus II
Ulin-Nuha (withdrawn)ugm.ac.idUN
HATARAKU FPGA SAMA! second seasonkeio.ac.jpHFCyber WorkBench / Xilinx ISE
University of Zaragozaunizar.esUZVHDL / Xilinx ISE
DohiBlokusnagasaki-u.ac.jpDBVerilog HDL / Altera Quartus II
Kuma 2 Duokumamoto-u.ac.jpKUVerilog HDL / Altera Quartus II
SAKURA-Duonagasaki-u.ac.jpSDVerilog HDL / Altera Quartus II
Reconfigurable Application Diffusion Committee hiroshima-cu.ac.jpRAVerilog HDL / Xilinx ISE
Okayama Universityokayama-u.ac.jpOUSFL + Verilog-HDL/ PARTHENON + Altera Quartus II
LILA.CStsukuba.ac.jpLIVerilog HDL / Xilinx ISE

Getting Involved

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