ICFPT 2013 Design Competition

ICFPT 2013 Design Competition: for Competitors

Registration Information

One Competition design (or team) has at least one ICFPT 2013 registration. Either a regular or a student registration works for this, including when a member of the team has a registration for his/her presentation.

Competitor's Final Checklist

In the design competition, any protocol errors and invalid moves results in immediate loss of the game. To check your competition design, follow the checklist below. Same tests will be done before the competition, and participation will refused if any violation/error has detected during the test.

Details of the Competition

Preliminary Schedule

Note: the schedule is still subject to change.

The Leagues

Competitors passed the pre-competition check will proceed to the drawing for pre-finals.

The competitors will be divided into 4 pre-final leagues, each consists 6 or 7 competitors (may be 5 or 6, depending on the competitors.)

Best 2 competitors of each league will proceed to the Finals of 8 competitors.

How the Boards / Host will be Operated

We'll have 2 games for each match in the leagues, changing the first and second player.

  1. Competitors: Connect the boards' RS-232C/USB cable to the host.
  2. Competitors: Reset the FPGA boards.
  3. Host operator: run "blokus-host -3" then the first game goes.
  4. Competitors: Reset the FPGA boards when the game has over.
  5. Host operator: run "blokus-host -3 -r" then the second game goes.
  6. Competitors: Disconnect the cables when the game has over.

Every game is a live competition, that will be on the ICFPT conference room screen, during step 3. and 5. above.

The League Score Calculation (Preliminary)

On each game:

Thus a competitor gets maximum of 6 winning points on a match (2 games as the first player and the second). The standings in a league is calculated by the total winning point obtained. If 2 or more competitors got the same winning points, the order is determined by the total scores (calculated by Blokus Duo rule).