The MathWorks Blokus Duo Design Contest
Blokus Duo: The Final Chapter - All-Accelerator Design Contest at HEART 2015 at Boston, June 2015.

Blokus Duo Host System

Host system is provided in 2 ways: the source code for development and bootable memstick image for final tests. Both archives are available from links below.

Memstick setup instruction

  1. Get an USB memstick larger than 3.7GB (Most 4GB sticks should be OK)
  2. Plug the memstick to your BSD/Linux machine, then check the device file name (/dev/daX or /dev/sdX)
  3. Unzip and get blokus-1202.img
  4. Write the image by: dd if=blokus-1202.img of=/dev/daX bs=1048576 count=4096 conv=sync
  5. You're done. You can boot from the USB memstick.

dd may be output an error on some 4GB memsticks, because of the image size is slightly larger, but I believe it's no problem in most cases.

Communication test with the memstick

Your USB-UART adapter will appear as /dev/cuaUx (x is device #). Recent Digilent boards will occupy both of /dev/cuaU0 and /dev/cuaU1, but the host program will automatically detect your UART in your Blokus design.

Please check your design works with all of 4 commands below:

% blokus-host -a 1 -1
% blokus-host -a 1 -1 -r
% blokus-host -a 1 -2
% blokus-host -a 1 -2 -r

Game logs

For people loves deep-learning, game logs of past Blokus Duo contests are available here: